Kin-Tech has adopted the rapidly growing landscape of cloud computing and we are Microsoft Cloud Partners

So What Is Cloud?

Cloud computing is a subscription based platform that gives you the ability to have all the benefits of I.T services without having to invest in your own Infrastructure.

Is It Safe?

Cloud computing is probably safer than having and maintaining your own infrastructure – huge amounts of money have been invested in protecting this valuable resource. Coupled with Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) you are given peace of mind.

What Are The Features?

Well they have been defined in acronyms to better understand what they are:


Features of Cloud Services

IAAS (3) - Kin-tech

Software As A Service is the ability to utilise software applications on a subscription based model without the tedious task of having to purchase, load and maintain them yourself. You are also able to define the base operating platform your servers use from Microsoft Server to Linux and IOS systems.

This does not stop there SAAS covers a range of Vendor offered applications from database software through to Accounting packages. There are many many options for end users to developers on offer.


IAAS - Kin-tech

This is a collective of multiple services that are outsourced and maintained by an external cloud partner.

These include:

  • The overall administration of Hardware
  • Software
  • Domains
  • Websites
  • Mail and Application Services
  • Firewalls
  • Virtual Networks
IAAS (2) - Kin-tech

Instead of purchasing expensive Servers or Storage. Hardware As A Service give you the ability to provision hardware resources to compliment your company's computing requirements (Cpu's, Memory, Hard Drives etc.).

With the ability to provision resources at a touch of a button - you are able to scale servers hardware capacity, storage and speed up or down without having to invest in hardware.


Cloud... Simple, affordable technology at your fingertips...

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