Having used many security platforms over the years we found that there was a lack of collaboration between products - Companies would invest in 3 different technologies to mitigate risk. This approach becomes expensive and difficult to manage. Our mission was to find a solution that covered all three vectors under one pane of glass that included correlated response between services. Isheriff's complete cloud security does all of this... Web filtering, Virus Protection and Mail Filtering all in one!

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One is what we term a soft recovery that enables us to retrieve data with the use of software - This method is usually associated with lost or deleted data / virus damaged drive - Mild physical damage.

This is whereby the hard drive has sustained physical damage and requires mechanical repairs and analysis, this will be performed in a partner forensic lab.



To help you avoid the use of the above service - we have tailored made various backup solutions to fit your environment and budget. Data backup is a critical service that is often overlooked and miss managed.

Let us take the headache away by monitoring and storing your data securely - Our Vault facility ensures that your data is safe and compliant with the various compliancy institutions.

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