Being a promoter of digital solutions to all industry sectors, it was important for Kin-Tech to adopt tried and tested remote management solutions to help support our clients as well as equip them with the tools to work from any location.

The solutions needed to be decentralised, secure and enable controlled collaboration between colleagues.

To accommodate this new way of doing business and to deliver a more efficient way of collaboration we aligned ourselves with the Microsoft 365 platform which includes Teams, Sharepoint, Office as well as a reliable e-mail platform. The beauty of adopting this correlated technology suite is that users can simply work from anywhere whilst staying in touch with their colleagues.

From a support perspective:

The need for quick reliable and efficient I.T infrastructure support is more prevalent as it now incorporates a number of remote networks.

Our aim was to ensure that we are equipped to assist customers in any location from any location. Even if it meant being able to support clients from our mobile devices.

The technology adopted enables us to attend to multiple machines on your network at the same time – this reduces the mean time to resolve incidents as well as perform maintenance tasks or software rollouts, timeously.

This is nothing new to Kin-tech and we have been doing this for over 15 years. The key is to evolve with the technology and ensure that we are able to assist you on multiple platforms at any time.

The results speak for themselves – 95% of our remote support queries are resolved within 17 minutes! Our capable and friendly technicians have been supporting hundreds of users and servers for many years and we look froward to assisting you…

Our approach ensures a better end-user experience which in-turn saves your business time and money.