Over 20 years of Hardware and software support experience

Kin-Tech has been working with various vendors both on the hardware and software side for decades. In this time we have accumulated a vast wealth of understanding of these systems and are able to work with most brands in the market.

Over the years we have aligned ourselves with large known and trusted brands as well accumulated the ability to work with some of the lesser known systems.


Kin-Tech’s experience in the industry gives you the confidence to get reliable  hardware and software solutions for your business. Many companies fall into the trap of “supermarket purchasing” as the deal looks appealing on the surface… (When last did you buy a toothbrush from a paint store?)

We find that many super market or unguided purchases lead to additional funds being needed to bring the units up to spec.

Kin-Tech’s core focus is on I.T and our aim is to provide you with the correct tools with no hidden surprises.

Over the years we have cemented strong relationships with distributors of large brands and as a result are able to secure preferential rates and expertise that translate into better offering to you.

We offer in-house as well as onsite repairs… Contact us for more information!

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